LumaCool TM Whitening PenLumaCool TM Whitening System
LumaCool™ Whitening System with Mobile Base Assembly
ITEM # 200003—B
The LumaCool Whitening System uses L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) technology producing a high-speed, safe and cool in-office power whitening system. The system whitens both arches simultaneously in less than an hour! So advanced, it uses an optical sensor, countdown patient display window, optional remote control operation and requires no maintenance. The LumaCool with Mobile Base Assembly comes with a roll-around base assembly, operator's manual, complementary marketing material and a one year warranty.

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LumaCool™ Whitening System with Pole Mount Assembly
ITEM # 200003—P
The LumaCool™ Whitening System with Pole Mount Assembly can be attached to an existing dental chair pole, no floor space required. Mobile base assembly not included in this configuration.

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